Keanu Reeves Had a Replica of Constantine's Holy Shotgun Made for the Director

Every now and again, you'll hear stories about actors who abscond with props from big movies. Chris Evans has a Captain America shield, Chris Hemsworth has a Mjolnir, and Ben Affleck has a bataranag. Keanu Reeves, always one to do things a little differently, apparently paid the prop guy on Constantine to make a replica of the holy shotgun Reeves' character used in the film -- and gave it to director Francis Lawrence as a gift. Lawrence still has it, as he proved during the film's 15th reunion panel at Comic-Con @ Home earlier today. Pulling the gun up into frame, he drew a pretty great reaction from Reeves and writer Akiva Goldsman.

Reeves didn't take the real prop home. Instead, Lawrence said, it's probably in a box somewhere in a Raiders of the Lost Ark-style warehouse.

Calling the gun "the best wrap gift I've ever gotten on a movie," the filmmaker explained that "Keanu actually had the prop guy make a second one of these. It's made of bronze, this thing probably weights 35 pounds. It's insane."

When Lawrence pulled the gun into view, Reeves exploded with glee, shouting "the holy shotgun!" and making the rest of the panel break out in laughter. Clearly, he fondly remembered the thing. With recent rumors that Warner Bros. might be interested in bringing Reeves' version of Constantine to HBO Max, where he can interact with other members of the DC Universe in JJ Abrams's Justice League Dark, it seems like the folks at Warner Bros. now have a task before them: if they want Reeves, they should enter that endless warehouse of crates and present Reeves with the same gift he once presemted Lawrence.

Unfortunately for fans who heard sequel rumors online and tuned in to see if there would be an announcement, no such thing happened -- althoguh they did admit that they are always still asked about it by fans, and Goldsman said that they had so many ideas over the years that they could start one "tomorrow" if given the green light.


The next DC film will be Wonder Woman 1984, which will be in theaters on October 2. Reeves will next be seen in Bill & Ted Face the Music, which is currently slated for a late August release. Fans can get more details on both this month, with Wonder Woman 1984 having a presentation at DC's FanDome virtual convention while Comic Con International's Comic-Con@Home event will feature Bill & Ted Face the Music.