Rian Johnson Feels Terrible for Making Chris Evans Film This Knives Out Scene

Knives Out became a bonafide phenomenon when it debuted in theaters late last year, both thanks to Rian Johnson's script and directing, and thanks to the film's delightful ensemble cast. Former Marvel star Chris Evans was certainly a standout among that ensemble, with a performance as the sweater-wearing spoiled brat Ransom Drysdale. Evans had a lot of memorable scenes in the film, but it sounds like one sequence in particular still makes Johnson feel bad. In the film's commentary track (via CinemaBlend), Johnson spoke about the scene where Ransom eats Biscoff butter cookies (yes, the ones you can get on airplanes) while remarking on his family's drama, something that caused a problem behind-the-scenes.

"Yum, look at those cookies," Johnson remarked. "Delicious. These are those Belgium cookies right here and actually when we screened the movie at the Gent Film Festival in Belgium everyone was so excited that we had these cookies in there. They were like, 'Belgium cookies!' They're very buttery and I picked them just because they looked cool."

"Then, poor Chris, anytime you see an actor eating food in a scene pity that actor because they've had to eat that food all day long," Johnson continued. "These cookies, you eat like two of them, and you feel like your throat is coated in butter. Chris was pounding these all day long. So, I feel very bad for him."

Even with the behind-the-scenes complication of Evans "pounding" so many cookies, it's hard to deny that the scene makes those woes worthwhile. As Johnson had explained in a previous interview, the choice to have Ransom drink milk and cookies perfectly illustrates his inner character.

"That just kind of feels right," Johnson said on the Reel Blend podcast. "And also it's kind of infantile, and there's something annoying about people drinking milk. And asking someone else for a cold glass. It's almost like you'd ask your mom for a cold glass of milk. Because at that moment his bursts in and he's been set up as this infantile child, basically. So the notion that he's eating cookies and milk just seemed to me that that would just hit, would tag that base of... He's just kind of a brat."


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