Lord of the Rings Meme Perfectly Captures Tom Brady and the Patriots Loss

Everything comes to an end eventually, and Saturday night, the New England Patriots run of dominance looks like it's over. The Tennessee Titans defeated Tom Brady and his team, and Fox’s NFL social media team had the perfect Lord of the Rings meme for the occasion. As the ring dissolves into the fires of Mount Doom, an image of Brady on the Eye of Sauron crumbles and falls while a bunch of NFL fans look on from below. This is truly the end of an era as most of the sports world would give the Pats the benefit of the doubt. Just last year they won the Super Bowl and most fans across the country thought Brady would reign over the league for at least a few more years.

But, now things are very uncertain headed into next season. The NFL legend’s contract status is up in the air and that level of uncertainty hasn’t been a concern for New England for basically 20 years. This was a season that saw Brady have a little bit of regression at 42 years old. The team’s defense was absolutely stifling but that wasn’t going to be enough. Half of the sports world was rooting for the Tennessee Titans and the other half was tuned in for possibly the last game of Brady’s storied career. It remains to be seen if that was the last fans will ever see of the Hall of Famer, but it was pretty wild to see it all come to an end like that.