'Mac and Me' Originally Had a Disturbing Alternate Ending

Mac and Me has become a sort of cult classic in the decades since its debut, thanks to its unique [...]

Mac and Me has become a sort of cult classic in the decades since its debut, thanks to its unique blend of E.T. homages, delightfully-dated effects, and McDonald's product placement. But one new detail about the film could turn things on its head faster than MAC can breakdance at a birthday party.

Peter Kuplowsky, who curates the Fantastic Fest film festival, recently shared a shocking discovery about the 1988 film. In the alternate Japanese cut of Mac and Me, main protagonist Eric (Jade Calegory) meets a pretty dark fate, where he is killed after he is shot point-blank in the chest.

This differs quite a bit from the usual cut of the film, which sees Eric dying from an explosion in the convenience store parking lot that MAC (Mysterious Alien Creature) and his family have taken over. MAC and his family then use their alien powers to bring Eric back to life, something that gets them praised by the human community and officially sworn in as American citizens while wearing 1960s-era clothes.

(Yes, really. Trust us, this movie is amazing.)

According to a reply from Ballyhoo's Daniel Griffin, the original cut of Mac and Me was "toned down" after a test screening, which led to the bit of Eric getting shot being cut from the domestic release of the film.

It sounds like the film was supposed to have Eric saved by MAC and company in either ending, but there's something especially macabre about knowing what the film had initially planned. Even with the standard edition of Mac and Me giving viewers a bit of tonal whiplash, this alternate ending is sure to deepen the mystery even further.

What do you think of this alternate ending of Mac and Me? Would it have changed your view of the film? And does Mac and Me superfan Paul Rudd know about this alternate ending? Let us know what you think in the comments below.