The Matrix 4: New Set Video Reveals Massive Riot Action Scene

The Matrix 4 is currently shooting in and around San Francisco, and the resulting set photos and videos from The Wachowskis' Matrix Trilogy sequel have definitely been piquing fan interest. Today's video is generating some of the biggest buzz yet, as it seems to depict a major riot action scene in The Matrix 4, involving a massive crowd of extras and some kind of armored vehicle. It looks like a pretty important action sequence, and naturally the question of what's actually being depicted is tugging at fans' minds. Given the history of The Matrix movies there is so much that could be happening in this moment:

Over the course of the last few weeks, Matrix 4 has been turning downtown San Francisco into a war zone set piece. In fact, things got so hectic during the San Francisco production that residents began to log complaints with the city. Regardless, the action and stuntwork in Matrix 4 has been wowing fans, including one sequence that seemed to hint at Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss) trying to recreate that classic Matrix building jump moment.

So far, there has been enough revealed in Matrix 4 set videos to invite some speculation about the plotline of this fourth film. It seems the "real world" of Matrix 4 is very much modeled on present day, as we've seen Reeves' Neo wandering around San Francisco looking like your typical Silicon Valley hipster. However, the sequences that seem to be se inside the Matrix have hinted at Neo having to seemingly learn his way around the digital world all over again - whether in "construct" programs like the jumping sequence, or Neo wandering around a seemingly vacant version of the Matrix.

This latest set video seems to show what may occur when the "real world" of The Matrix is exposed for the false world that it is; essentially, what could happen if those trapped inside were to "wake up?" In The Matrix Trilogy law enforcement was always treated as an extension of The Agent programs, so there's no reason to assume that's changed here. Being "woke" and anti-police sentiment are certainly topical metaphors Matrix 4 could tackle - and it would be a nice evolution (and end?) to the cycle of Matrix revisions if Neo finally woke the people up to fight for themselves, instead of playing out the prohecy of "The One" all over again.

Also: could you imagine an entire fight sequence with an entire army of bullet-time warriors? Talk about "lit!"


The Matrix 4 is set to hit theaters on May 21, 2021.