'Men in Black': Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth Don the Suits in New Photo

Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth are suiting up as the new Men in Black, or Buds in Black, as Thompson calls them.

The starring duo from Thor: Ragnarok has reunited for Sony's reboot of the Men in Black franchise, which is currently in production. While not much is known about the plot of the film, a new photo shared to Thompson's Instagram does reveal that the two leads will be taking a trip to the desert at some point.

Take a look!

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Buds in Black. @chrishemsworth

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Donning the recognizable black suits, along with their sleek sunglasses and sunblocking umbrellas, both Thompson and Hemsworth are seen hiking uphill through the sand. Thompson seems to be taking the lead on this scene, but it's still unclear where exactly they're going.

The plot details are still being kept under wraps, but Hemsworth recently said that the goal of the cast and crew was to recapture the fun-loving, adventurous tone of the original trilogy.

"We're basically trying to put a lot of humor into it like the previous ones. These are obviously some big big shoes to fill, so we're working our butts off on it to make something pretty epic and fun," Hemsworth told Variety. "They're trying to change up the locations, make it feel unique and different to the last ones as well. So I think you might even see some different countries, maybe. Some different cities than you've seen in the previous Men In Black movies."

Men in Black is directed by F. Gary Gray, on a script from Art Marcum and Matt Halloway. Emma Thompson, Rebecca Ferguson, Liam Neeson, Kumail Nanjiani, Rafe Spall, Laurent Nicolas Bourgeois, and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois are set to appear in the film alongside Thompson and Hemsworth.


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Sony's Men in Black reboot is set to hit theaters on June 14, 2019.