Michel Gondry To Helm Green Hornet Movie

In an interview with MTV, actor and screenwriter Seth Rogen confirmed that indy director Michel Gondry will direct the upcoming Green Hornet live action movie. Rogen told reporters that he had been constantly sending the director emails, asking him to be a part of the movie.

Gondry, whose works include Dave Chappelle's Block Party and Be Kind Rewind, was at one time linked as director of the Green Hornet movie but dropped out for unspecified reasons. His past history with the project was one of the major reasons why Seth Rogen was so persistent in his attempt to the recruit the French director.


Rogen is co-writing the script and is to play the title character in the film, which is slated to come out sometime next year. Shaolin Soccer's Stephen Chow will play the Green Hornet's faithful sidekick, Kato.