Mission: Impossible 7 Director Teases "Obscene" Stunts in the Movie That Terrify Him

Production is scheduled to begin very soon on the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7, and [...]

Production is scheduled to begin very soon on the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7, and writer/director Christopher McQuarrie is already teasing the crazy stunts that we can expect from the film. After hanging star Tom Cruise from a helicopter and conducting a HALO jump in 2018's Mission: Impossible - Fallout, what could possibly be the next step for the 57-year-old actor? Many fans have speculated that Cruise will eventually end up in space, and though McQuarrie says that's not happening, they have plans that are just as ambitious.

"He's not going to space, nor does he need to go to space," McQuarrie said on the Empire Podcast. "We've figured out three obscene things that he's doing that I'm terrified of, that make the helicopter chase look like tinker toys. He's training and he calls me and describes what he's doing and I laugh and I cheer, then I hang up and I puke into a bucket. He's training quite intensely right now."

McQuarrie went on to describe how the writing and structuring of these movies has developed over his time with the franchise; having done an uncredited re-write on the fourth film in the series and then directing the fifth, sixth, and soon to be seventh and eighth movies. The Oscar winning writer said that internally they think about the "Mission" movies as being constructed in twenty minute segments and that while breaking down the final segment for Mission: Impossible 7 they came to a profound realization.

"We were all sitting down working on this very big sequence that ends the first movie, and we started taking account of everything we were planning to do and for the first time we started to say 'Alright, why don't we start thinking fiscally and responsibly about how we're actually going to make this movie.' and I realized that there were too many twenty-minute chunks in our movie and we had a choice to make, 'Are we going to make another Fallout or not?' And what would happen if we took one or two of these things out, and when we did that it radically altered the process yet again, and suddenly two twenty minute chunks came out of the movie and moved into the next movie, and I went 'The second movie's halfway done!'"

On that note, McQuarrie also opened up about how the two films will connect and if there's some kind of cliffhanger from the seventh to the eighth movie with a surprising answer.

"I don't know....We don't even know if those movies connect yet."

Mission: Impossible 7 is scheduled to hit theaters on July 23, 2021. Mission: Impossible 8 is slated for August 25, 2022.