MoviePass Now Limiting Subscribers to Specific Movies on Specific Days

Like a clumsy dog on a slick floor, MoviePass is scrambling to keep itself up, but it doesn't seem [...]

Like a clumsy dog on a slick floor, MoviePass is scrambling to keep itself up, but it doesn't seem like any of the company's big changes are working. On Thursday, the service announced yet another update to its subscription that may end up driving customers even further away.

This latest change will limit the number of movies that MoviePass subscribers can choose from on any given day. On top of that, the lineup of available films will change just about every day.

Here's how it will work going forward: MoviePass chooses about 6-7 films each day that customers can choose to watch using their service. The company is going to release a schedule each week so people can plan ahead and figure out what days each movie is available.

MoviePass announced the change with a tweet that states, "We want to share more details about our service moving forward as part of our commitment to keep you fully informed. Here's a full lineup of movie titles available on MoviePass in the coming days:"

The tweet also includes a link to the schedule on the MoviePass website. Just about every day throughout the next week, some of the smaller, independent films, like Skate Kitchen and We the Animals, are playing every day. Unfortunately, while these movies may be fantastic, none of them received a wide release. So unless you're in a big city or close to an independent theater, odds are that these movies aren't showing near you.

More in-demand movies, like Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman, Christopher Robin, The Meg, or this weekend's Crazy Rich Asians, have much slimmer windows of availability. For example, you can only use MoviePass to watch Crazy Rich Asians on Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday this upcoming week. Do you want to see Disney's Christopher Robin? Well then you'll have to make sure you're free tomorrow, because that's the only day that you can get a ticket through MoviePass over the course of the next week.

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(Photo: MoviePass)

You'll notice that bigger blockbusters like Mission: Impossible - Fallout and Ant-Man and the Wasp are nowhere to be found. Despite being in theaters for several weeks, MoviePass seems to have pulled the plug on several major releases.

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