Here's How Long it Would Take to Watch Everything on Netflix

The streaming library on Netflix is seemingly unlimited, with enough movies and TV shows to keep occupied for eternity. But have you ever wondered exactly how much content is actually on the streaming service? The numbers have now been crunched and it would take a VERY long time to stream all of the content on Netflix in just one sitting. You'd have to watch the streaming service for years on end in order to see it all, and that's if there was never any new content added.

According to What's on Netflix, there are 2.2 million minutes of content on the streaming service as of this week. Of course, that number will fluctuate constantly, given that Netflix is always adding and removing content. Still, it's a solid ballpark to work with.

2.2 million minutes translates to about 36,000 total hours of watching tv and movies. That would take roughly four years to watch, and that's if you did it in one sitting. In other words, it would be virtually impossible to watch everything on Netflix, even if streaming content was your full time job. With more than 50,000 titles on the service, there's more than enough Netflix to keep you busy for half a decade.

If you want the most bang for your buck in terms of streaming content, Netflix is one of the two best options, along with Amazon Prime Video. The upcoming HBO Max streaming service is said to have around 10,000 hours of content, less than one third of Netflix's total library. Hulu currently has 4,000 titles in its library, while Disney+ is home to just 922 movies and TV shows.


At the end of the day, there's almost no way to watch all of the content on any streaming service, let alone Netflix. With the library constantly rotating, the time it would take to do so is always increasing, making an impossible task even more difficult.

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