Odin's Role In Thor: Ragnarok Rumored To Be Revealed

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Thor is going to be teaming up with his new best buddy, the Hulk, in Thor: Ragnarok, but what about his father, Odin?

Last we saw of Odin was in Thor: The Dark World, where he was not exactly himself, so to speak. His adopted son, Loki, had used a glamour to replace Odin on the throne of Asgard, leaving Thor and Odin's subjects none the wiser.

Many assumed Odin dead, but killing the All-Father is no easy task. A new rumor supposedly reveal the fate of old one-eye.

The rumor, from Geek.com, is unconfirmed, but possible SPOILERS follow.

According to sources close to the film's production that Odin is alive, if not exactly well. Whatever coup Loki attempted ended with the All-Father exiled from Asgard and taking refuge on Midgard, in the persona of street corner doomsayer.

We won't know if this is true or not until the film is released, most likely, but if it is, we get the feeling Odin has a significant role still to play in Ragnarok.


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