Reservoir Dogs Star Recreates Iconic Ear-Cutting Scene in Quarantine

Most people are currently self-isolating at home, which means folks are looking for various ways to pass the time. Many celebrities and actors have taken to the Internet to share what they've been up to, and a few have even channeled some of their classic characters. The latest to produce an epic throwback is Michael Madsen, who has appeared in multiple Quentin Tarantino films, but is perhaps best known for his part in Tarantino's directorial debut, Reservoir Dogs. In the film, Madsen plays the unhinged Mr. Blonde, who famously dances to "Stuck in the Middle with You" by Stealers Wheel and cuts off the cop he's holding hostage's ear. This week, the official YouTube account for QT8: The First Eight, the new documentary that chronicles the first eight movies in Tarantino's career, shared a hilarious video of Madsen channeling Mr. Blonde at home. You can watch the video above or click here.

The video, which is titled Stuck In The Middle with who?! and captioned “Special home video from one of our favorites ;)” follows everyone is Madsen's house who all have "bloody" bandages on their ears. At the end of the video, Madsen is revealed in his classic Mr. Blonde suit, except he's wearing sweatpants (because that's the quarantine way). The video ends with the message, "Stay Home, Stay Safe. The Madsen Family." It's amazing to see Madsen still having fun with his iconic character nearly 30 years after the movie was released.


QT8: The First Eight was released back in December and received a 91% critics score and 94% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. ComicBook's own Patrick Cavanaugh gave the movie a 4 out of 5 and called it a "must-see" for Tarantino fans. "QT8: The First Eight is sure to become beloved among Tarantino's fans, as it manages to serve as a 90-minute reminder of the power of his films. Audiences who have chided the figure as being racist or sexist based on his use of slurs or depictions of women likely won't have their minds changed, regardless of what Jamie Foxx or Zoë Bell have to say about their personal experiences about regarding such matters. Given the bloated run times of most of his movies, QT8 makes for an effective surrogate of the journey of watching his first eight feature films," Cavanaugh writes.

QT8: The First Eight is available now digitally and across all VOD platforms.