RoboCop (1987)'s Cinema Sins Revealed


Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop is a classic of '80s action cinema; many of the things that some fans may call mistakes are actually intentional bits of irony or satire, and that's a big part of what many fans think will be lost in the forthcoming remake from José Padilha, due in theaters next week. So it's not surprising that this slightly campy movie is getting a stern talking-to from the Cinema Sins people...or that they waited until just now to deliver it, so close to the upcoming franchise reboot that many fans are so confident will be terrible. For their own good, though, we hope they don't subject themselves to the later installments...


Well either we've heard your cries for the past three weeks, or else we looked at the Hollywood schedule and saw a Robocop remake coming up soon... but either way, we kind of had a blast looking for all the sins we could find in the original Robocop. There are more than you probably remember there being, at least if you grew up loving this movie.