Ryan Reynolds Accidentally Cameos In 6 Underground While Shooting Social Media Video

Ryan Reynolds, star of the Michael Bay-directed Netflix action movie 6 Underground, appears to have made an accidental cameo in the movie when shooting a social media video from the set. As noticed by Twitter user @deadlyfun, who pointed out the goof, Reynolds can be seen stood to the side of a high-speed action sequence taking place 14 minutes and 42 seconds into the movie. When comparing a still frame from Reynolds’ social media post and a still from the film, Reynolds is seen posed leaning against a red wall while a black vehicle is launched into the air behind him.

The on-set video, captured in Florence, Italy, was published by Reynolds on Instagram on September 19, 2018. “Best part of shooting with Michael Bay? I don’t know. A lot of people would say the action, but for me, it’s the stillness. Those quiet moments,” Reynolds says in the video as he’s drowned out by noise from the car chase stunt behind him.

In the scene, Reynolds’ character is sat in the passenger seat of the “DayGlo green” car that “blends right into the Italian architecture” as it's pursued in a dizzying chase.

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6 Underground follows six untraceable agents — mastermind One (Reynolds), spy Two (Mélanie Laurent), hitman Three (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), skywalker Four (Ben Hardy), doctor Five (Adria Arjona), and operator Seven (Corey Hawkins) — who form an elite vigilante squad to erase their pasts to change the future.

“We had a chase through Florence, and [Bay] was like ‘Let's roll through a museum, let's parkour down the Duomo,' and we're just like, ‘Oh my God, yes!’” Paul Wernick, who penned 6 Underground with Deadpool co-writer Rhett Reese, told The Hollywood Reporter. “Anything that you can imagine as a writer — anytime your imagination kind of expands to what you think is its greatest possibility — Michael can not only realize it but make it bigger and badder.”


Added Garcia-Rulfo, “It's all true, all the rumors are true about the way Michael shoots. It's chaotic, you know, but chaotic in a good way. I think from chaos magic happens.”

6 Underground is now streaming on Netflix.