'Saw' Creator Addresses if 'Home Alone's Kevin McCallister is Actually Jigsaw

There are a lot of crazy fan theories circulating the Internet about various movies, but one of the most hilarious ones is the idea that Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin's Home Alone character) grew up to be Jigsaw, the infamous villain from the Saw franchise, played by Tobin Bell.

According to Huffington Post, the theory came to light back in 2014 when Jason Concepcion of Grantland and The Ringer noticed many similarities between the two characters.

"They have comparable appearances (blond hair, blue eyes, similar jawlines). They share a penchant for 'Rube Goldbergian Roadrunner-vs.-Coyote devices' (the crude traps Kevin sets for the Wet Bandits in Home Alone are eerily similar to the torture contraptions Jigsaw uses throughout the Saw series)," HuffPo explains.

"And then there's the shared fixation with basements: Kevin hallucinates in the lower reaches of his family's home, mistaking a furnace for a monster ― an 'obviously scarring childhood fear' that could also help explain the design and location of some of Jigsaw's torture."

Finally, they point out that a "Jigsaw-like clown mask" is shown in Kevin's basement.

Last year, Culkin told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that he was into the idea, but the real question on everyone's mind has been James Wan's take on the theory. The Saw director has been promoting his latest hit, Aquaman, and was finally asked the question of whether or not the theory has any legs.

"It's amazing," he said. "I should've known all along that Macaulay Culkin would grow up to be John Kramer."

"I think it's awesome," he added. "I'm very flattered that people take the time to have fun with all these fan theories. I think that's why I make these movies. I want the fans out there to have fun with them."

Considering he didn't deny the truth behind this theory, we're never going to look at Home Alone or Saw the same way again.

Culkin has been in the news lately for more than just fan theories. He recently conducted a poll on his website to have fans vote on his new middle name, and he is now legally known as Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin.


James Wan is also having a great time in the spotlight with Aquaman recently becoming the biggest DC Extended Universe movie in the franchise's history. Wan is also known for directing The Conjuring and Furious 7. He's currently working on a screenplay for Malignant Man, which he's adapting from his own graphic novel.

Saw and Home Alone are currently available for home viewing. Aquaman is now in theatres everywhere.