Scott Snyder and Jock's Wytches Headed to the Big Screen

Scott Sndyer and Jock will bring Wytches to the big screen, Deadline reports.

Just days after the title debuted to rave reviews and huge sales, the supernatural drama from the writer of Batman has been picked up for development by New Regency and Plan B.

Snyder had told during an interview in support of the book that retaining other-media rights was part of the equation when deciding to bring Wytches to Image Comics rather than Vertigo, the creator-owned arm of DC Entertainment. Snyder has worked on projects like American Vampire and 

"Is it something you weigh, in terms of the facility of getting the rights the way you want them, in terms of getting them back or how the option system works? Yeah, 100%. All of those decisions can be difficult," Snyder said. "In the end, I think what you can hope for is that you have a relationship that's good enough with these places that you can be honest and up front. So when I told Vertigo I was going to do this book with Image, they were disappointed but I explained to them it's important for me to have books at different places, not just for myself so that I own it and so that I can own the property and try and move it to different platforms and stuff like that, but for them too. My value as a writer is higher by having a diverse output of books that surprise people, even if they come out from different publishers and aren't just presented differently but are tailored differently because there are some projects that fit those publishers better in some ways."

Plan B and New Regency have worked together on titles like 12 Years a SlaveWorld War Z and the upcoming graphic novel adaptation Black Hole.


Jock, of course, is no stranger to Hollywood, having provided concept or promotional material for The Dark Knight TrilogyMan of Steel and Dredd. His Green Arrow: Year One miniseries also serves as a powerful influence on The CW's Arrow.