Sean Connery 007 James Bond Gun Sells For Big Money At Auction

James Bond is one of the most iconic franchises around, especially when you're talking about the original films in the series, which all featured acting legend Sean Connery in the role of 007. That's why it's easy to understand why some of the memorabilia would go for big dollars, though one particular item recently brought in even more than expected at auction. The item in question is the gun prop used by Connery in Dr. No, which is the first appearance of Connery as Bond to boot, so now you know why it went for over $250,000 at a recent auction held by Julien's Auctions (via THR).

The gun is a Walther PP, and according to the Auction house it sold for $256,000. That's a sizable jump from initial estimates, as it was estimated to bring in between $150,000 to $200,000.

Now someone owns a piece of movie history and one that became Bond's trademark sidearm throughout Connery's run in the franchise. In the film Bond ends up switching over to the Walther PP because MI6 is worried his Beretta would jam like it did before, and once he picks up the pistol he never goes back to the Beretta.

That wasn't the only prop sold at the auction, as notable items from Top Gun, A Few Good Men, and Pulp Fiction also made appearances at the auction. Individual items included a fighter pilot helmet worn by Tom Cruise in Top Gun (went for $108,000), a white Navy Officer's Cap Cruise wore in A Few Good Men (which went for $9375), and a stunt Katana used by Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction, which sold for 35 times its original estimate. The estimate was for $1,500 and it ended up selling for $35,200.

Connery will forever be synonymous with multiple roles he played throughout his career, but Bond might just be the part he's most synonymous with, and the Bond fandom and the world at large were saddened when the actor passed away on October 31st of this year at the age of 90. Thoughts are with his family and friends.