Spectre Breaking UK Box Office Records in First Few Days

6 - Spectre

Breaker. Record breaker. That's what James Bond's latest flick, Spectre is in the U.K., a week and change out from its US debut. The movie had a $6.4 million opening night Monday night, with only late evening and late night showings, followed by a U.K. record $9.2 million on its first full day on Tuesday and a U.K. Wednesday record of $8.8 million.

The 24th Bond film and fourth in Daniel Craig's stay as the character is, then, on track to defeat Skyfall - the previous film in the franchise - in its opening week. Skyfall had $32.3 million in its opening weekend, and Spectre, while opening on the out-of-the-norm Monday, has $24.5 million in just two and a quarter days. The previous film was also the highest-grossing Bond movie worldwide in 2012, with over $1.1 billion globally.


Spectre doesn't debut in the U.S. (and the rest of North America) until November 6, but early predictions from boxoffice.com have it at $90 million for its opening weekend stateside. Depending on if it hits just above or just below, that may edge it into the top 5 openers for films in 2015 domestically, needing to beat Inside Out's $90.4 million for that distinction. Either way, it should be the largest debut since Minions on July 10, 2015.