Spider-Man Develops A Very Personal Relationship In Captain America: Civil War


While talking to China press, directors Anthony and Joe Russo were asked about how Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland) share similarities in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War because neither of them had anything to do with the Sokovia Accords being introduced.

Anthony Russo: Yeah, they both have a special place in Civil War because of the reasons you're saying. They don't fall neatly into either side.

Joe Russo: For emotional reasons like Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) and Cap (Chris Evans) do.

Anthony Russo: So, Black Panther is one of our favorite characters in the film, because he's sort of his on his own side in the film. He's not aligned with either side and he has his own road fork that's very central to the plot of the film. Like, he's very invested emotionally, but it doesn't fall into clean sides.

Spider-Man similarly enters the movie after The Avengers pick sides. Doesn't have a huge investment politically, but he develops a very personal relationship as to why he picks a side. I won't talk about the personal relationship he develops, but it is very interesting. One of the most special parts of the movie.

Check out Anthony and Joe Russo's comments in the video below.

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War finds Steve Rogers leading the newly formed team of Avengers in their continued efforts to safeguard humanity. But after another incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability, headed by a governing body to oversee and direct the team. The new status quo fractures the Avengers, resulting in two camps—one led by Steve Rogers and his desire for the Avengers to remain free to defend humanity without government interference, and the other following Tony Stark's surprising decision to support government oversight and accountability. Get ready to pick a side and join the nonstop action playing out on two fronts when Marvel's Captain America: Civil War opens in U.S. theaters on May.


Captain America: Civil War will arrive in theaters on May 6, 2016.