Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Director Wants to See Superman and the Fantastic Four on the Big Screen

Peter Ramsey won an Oscar for his work on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse so when it comes to other comic book characters, he just as big of a fan as the rest of us. Being a life-long comic reader and getting his start in Hollywood doing storyboard art for blockbuster productions, the filmmaker told us in a recent chat he's waiting to see what happens to Superman and the Fantastic Four on the silver screen — regardless if he's part of the productions or not.

"I'm a big comic-head from some way back, but I don't know," the filmmaker told ComicBook.com when asked what other characters he'd love to work with. "I mean, oddly enough, I guess since I've done Spider-Verse, comic book movies aren't necessarily the first thing that I go to when I think of other things to do, but I've got a real soft spot for, of course, Superman. Superman, and the Fantastic Four, I think I've got a real soft spot for."

That's when the Oscar-winning director admitted he wouldn't even have to be part of the productions — he just wants to see what the next filmmaker in line can do with some of the biggest comic characters ever made.

"I mean, I'm just kind of curious and more as a fan to see what happens with either of those," Ramsey added. "But I think there's great stuff to be done with those characters."

Ramsey co-directed Spider-Verse with Bob Persichetti and Rodney Rothman. Together with producers Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Avid Arad, and Amy Pascal, the group won the Oscar in 2019 for Best Animated Feature. Most recently, however, Ramsey participated in a new web series called Faceplant for Million Stories, a new website helping to educated the masses on financial literacy. In the episode he participated in, Ramsey discussed his desires to become a filmmaker, all the way from humble storyboard beginnings to the Oscars.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is now streaming on Netflix. The sequel for Oscar-winning flick is set for release on October 7, 2022.

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