Star Wars Spinoffs: At Least Three in Development

Saturday Night Live Star Wars Spinoff

According to Disney CEO Robert Iger, there are at least three Star Wars spinoffs currently in active development at the studio, in addition to the new trilogy of core Star Wars episodes. He made the comments during a conference call with investors earlier today. This is the first time they've said three; in the past, it's always been two spinoffs in active development. Rumors have swirled since the spinoffs were announced that Yoda, Han Solo, Boba Fett and Darth Maul were likely candidates. Films in active development are a funny thing; as often as not, studios will overcommit, so that if one or more doesn't happen, you aren't left standing when the music stops. Warner Bros., for instance, has said that they have nine DC Comics adaptations in development right now, but it's difficult to picture that all of them will be made...or, if they are, that it will be in the next five years, which is the kind of turnaround time fans generally expect when they hear something is in development. Star Wars, though, is that rare case where all of them (or at least the same number as we know to be in the works) could easily come to pass, assuming Episode VII makes close to what it's projected to.