First Tales From the Hood 3 Clip Unleashed

News of a third Tales from the Hood being developed was announced last year, though few updates about the project have emerged in the time since, but fans are in luck as a new clip from the upcoming Tales from the Hood 3 has been released following the announcement last month that the film earned an official rating. Much like the previous two films, the upcoming sequel will be an anthology of terrifying tales, with this clip seeing Tony Todd attempting to comfort a young child in the face of a mysterious threat, leading us to speculate about what horrors we might see unfold in the project. Stay tuned for details on Tales from the Hood 3.

Plot details might still be under wraps, but IMDb claims that filmmakers Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott have returned for the endeavor. Tales from the Hood 3 is also rated R for "horror violence, disturbing images, sexual content, and language including racist epithets."

In the 1995 original, a creepy mortician, Mr. Simms (Clarence Williams III) tries to scare a drug-dealing teen named Stack and his two friends that he has trapped in his funeral home. The four urban-themed horror stories Simms tells center around themes and concepts such as police brutality, domestic abuse, racism, and gang violence. Of course, being a horror film, things don't work out so well for the three drug dealers. Turns out they're not trapped in the funeral home, they're dead and in Hell and the stories Simms – who is actually Satan himself – wove lead up to the reveal.

The 2018 sequel to the groundbreaking original film Tales from the Hood reunited executive producer Spike Lee and writers/directors/producers Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott for an all-new gripping, horrifying, and oftentimes devilishly comical anthology. This next installment kept viewers on the edge of their seats, as they coursed through several stories that explore socially relevant topics from the past and present. Keith David took on the role of the mortician from Williams, though no details about the new film's cast have been released.

While the last film played the film festival circuit before landing on home video, the new clip being released by SYFY with a "coming soon" tease could mean the project might potentially have a premiere on the network.


Stay tuned for details on Tales from the Hood 3.

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