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Avengers Director's Cut on G4

Sara Underwood talked about The Avengers Director's Cut rumors on The Daily Feed. Underwood introduced the segment by pointing out that The Avengers is sort of a hit. After mentioning that The Avengers might get re-released as a 3 hour director's cut, the audience applauded loudly. Underwood reported that multiple sources are claiming Disney is thinking of re-releasing the movie with 35 minutes of additional footage. As a graphic of rolled across the screen, Underwood pointed out that it wouldn't be just scenes tacked on, but the original version from Joss Whedon. Underwood said while it's still a rumor that if it does happen The Avengers Director's Cut is expected to hit theaters sometime in August. The Avengers is currently #3 on the all-time U.S. box office list, and only the two James Cameron films Titanic and Avatar are ahead of it.

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