The Dark Knight Rises' Batman and Batpod Deluxe Action Figures Coming

MEDICOM Toy Corporation have announced a new, highly-detailed and articulated action figure based on Christian Bale's Batman in the form of their The Dark Knight Rises Miracle Action Figure (MAFEX) and Batpod.  

Based on Bale's appearance in the third movie of director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises Action Figure 2.0 retails at $49.99 and comes packed with multiple hands for action poses, multiple faces with different expressions (including a cowl-less version), and the EMP Rifle seen in the film. The figure stands at 6" tall.

The Batpod is also available, retailing at $99.99. Recreated by MEDICOM, the two-wheeled vehicle was utilized by Batman and Catwoman in their battle to save Gotham City from Bane. Scaled to match the Batman Miracle Action Figure (MAFEX), the Batpod can be displayed on its own or with the Batman figure riding it.


The figures are scheduled to ship exclusively to comic book specialty shops in May 2015, but they're in the September Previews and can be pre-ordered at direct market comic book stores now.