The Dark Knight Rises Has Presold More Than 100,000 Tickets


According to, Christopher Nolan's forthcoming Batman film The Dark Knight Rises has sold 100,000 tickets since the presale began. This means that midnight screenings are selling out all across the country, including the $40 Dark Knight Trilogy marathon tickets. The film will open on July 20, beginning with midnight screenings around the country that will launch what's expected to be one of the summer's biggest movies and possibly the only film that can give The Avengers a run for its money at the domestic box office. The third in Nolan's Batman trilogy, it follows on the heels of the massively successful franchise reboot Batman Begins and its follow-up The Dark Knight, which was the highest-grossing comic book adaptation of all time until The Avengers broke the record last month. It's expected to gross over $150 million in its opening weekend, a feat that only a small handful of films have ever accomplished but which looks to be getting more common; next week's The Amazing Spider-Man is expected to make about the same.