Star Wars: The Mandalorian Actor Pedro Pascal Prefers Wonder Woman 1984 Co-Star Gal Gadot Over Baby Yoda

If Pedro Pascal gets his choice of a colleague to work with on-screen, he's choosing Gal Gadot over Baby Yoda every time. Pascal, who stars in The Mandalorian as Din Djarin and Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984 whenever it hits theaters — recently told Entertainment Weekly that he'd choose Gadot as a scene partner "over any creature in the universe."

"I would take Gal over any creature in the universe," Pascal says in EW's Hero Issue. But that's not to discredit his beloved The Mandalorian co-star as the actor added, "But Baby Yoda is not too shabby, a very easy scene partner. He also makes me feel very tall — and needed."

The actor revealed earlier this year he knew Baby Yoda — whose real "name" is technically The Child in-universe — would be an instant hit with fans. "I did. I can't bring myself to lie and be like 'We had no idea of the sensation that he would be'," Pascal explained. "We never talked about it being a sure thing, but I unconsciously kept to myself that the very first time I saw the image in the illustration during that first meeting, I was like 'Oh my God, people are going to lose their mind over that'. So basically it was no surprise."

As Baby Yoda is an animatronic puppet that ended up costing Lucasfilm millions, Pascal then added compliments to the technical departments involved with the hit Disney+ show.

"It was incredible just to see how talented the departments are. It was just unbelievable, from the production design to the company, Legacy Effects, that created the doll and so many of the props and creatures," Pascal continued. "There's all the history they bring to it from the other films and from their experiences on other films. You're among the best and so you just really have to make yourself a passenger to that. To see them care for the doll and also find different ways for it to express itself and become an incredible scene partner is incredibly fascinating. It's a pretty adorable thing."


The first season of The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+ while Wonder Woman 1984 is due out October 2nd. The second season of The Mandalorian is also due out this October.

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