The Watchmen Cinematographer Shares Magical BTS Set Video

Cinematographer Larry Fong has given us some of the most magical scenes in cinema history. Especially if you're a fan of comic book movies. He's shot 300, Batman V Superman and most recently Kong: Skull Island. He's also worked along some of the great modern directors and producers Steven Spielberg, Zack Snyder and J.J. Abrams.

He's considered a magician of light - a term attached to the names of the best cinematographers but what a video posted to twitter and instagram reveals, is that he's also actually a magician. Like the kind of magician that performs magic tricks.

In an interview with Polly Magazine illusionist David Copperfield said of Larry Fong:

"The reason we are drawn to him is because he's unassuming. He doesn't expect applause," says legendary illusionist David Copperfield. "He does his magic and walks away before people can applaud. It's the ultimate 'drop the mic.' The framework is, there is no frame. Having no artifice becomes the style."


On the set, when there's down time he also likes to teach the actors different tricks - like the one that he's showing to Malin Akerman below. Be sure to also check out the discussion in the comments - he answers question about what it was like on the set.