The Wolverine To Focus on Berserker Rage

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In a live Q&A session moderated by Marvel's Agent M, The Wolverine director James Mangold and actor Hugh Jackman answered question from fans. Mangold confirmed that The Wolverine will be a sequel not a prequel, situating itself after the three X-Men films that exist. Hugh Jackman expressed that this particular arc of the Wolverine story is one that that he's dreamed about shooting since X-Men 1. Even though Wolverine has a lot of different powers, both Jackman and Mangold heavily promoted how much the movie would focus on Wolverine's berserker rage. Mangold said, "I think one of the things that is so huge in this character is his rage." Jackman added, "His ultimate weapon is his rage." Jackman said The Wolverine had been filming for three months. Three or four weeks of filming occurred in Japan with the remainder being shot in Sydney both on stages and in various locations. As far as the threats that Wolverine would face in this new movie, Mangold mentioned Yakuza, industrialists, politicians, women, and other mutants. Jackman said, "In this movie, how should we put it, he discovers his kryptonite." Mangold said, "Some of the people that Logan is up against might have found  ways at getting at him that are different than we've seen before." Jackman mentioned he had buffed up for the role, taking eating advice from Dwayne Johnson. Jackman said, "It's important that the rage inside is seen in his body." Jackman also promised, "Action-wise this is going to be the most action-packed." After the Q&A, a teaser link was provided that revealed a new poster for  The Wolverine.