Tom Cruise and Elon Musk Plan to Shoot a Film in Space

Tom Cruise has developed a reputation in the acting world unlike any other, frequently participating in truly death-defying stunts for the films he stars in. If a new report is any indication, it sounds like the action star could be taking that philosophy into a whole new direction -- literally into the cosmos. Cruise and Space X, the private space transportation company owned by controversial billionaire Elon Musk, are reportedly collaborating with NASA on an action-adventure feature film, which would be the first of its kind to be filmed in outer space. Apparently, the project in question does not have a studio attached, and is not one of the upcoming planned entries in the Mission: Impossible franchise.

While the project is apparently in its early stages, it does feel pretty on-brand for Cruise, especially given his history with other stunts. Just within the Mission: Impossible franchise, he climbed the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Ghost Protocol, hung from the side of a plane in Rogue Nation, and hung out of a helicopter in Fallout. That latter film briefly had to shut down production, when Cruise broke his ankle leaping across rooftops.

"I just [wanted to] keep going because I know I'm not doing this again," Cruise said of the stunt in a 2018 interview. "I had to go into full rehab. I had friends calling, 'Oh man, you want to come down to the south of France.' [I had to reply] 'I have got 10 to 12 hours of rehab.'"

"I spent years training for these things and I have been doing it for years. So we do everything we can possible to limit any kind of mistakes and we are very thorough about how we approach these things and calculate it," Cruise explained. "When you are going, there are times I'm not wearing a helmet and we are going high speed."

While there's no telling what role Musk would have in the finished film, it wouldn't be his first foray into the movie world. In addition to having cameos in Iron Man 2, Rick and Morty, and South Park, he is credited as an executive producer on the 2005 film Thank You for Smoking.


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Source: Deadline