Tom Felton Says Harry Potter Was Definitely in Love With Draco Malfoy

It has been a while since the Harry Potter ship debates raged on, but the cast of the beloved franchise are here to remind fans that it’s not all about Ron and Hermione. In a recent segment of AOL’s In The Know, Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) sat down with Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and played a little “Fact or Fanfic?” together. According to Cosmopolitan, the idea of a Draco and Harry romance came up, which is more common than you’d think.

"Fact or fanfic? Even while he was with Ginny, Harry was always in love with Draco,” Grint asked.

"Ah!" Felton smiled. "I think it was clearly a fact. Harry was constantly crushing on Draco. He just couldn't hide it."

Grint also joked that Harry had a thing for his own character, saying, "I think he made quite an impression on Ron as well.”

"Yes," Felton replied. "Well, exactly. It could have gone either way, really."

Even though Felton was joking with his response, the Drarry ship is pretty huge in the fanfic community. In fact, last year, while conducting a poll for Buzzfeed on which fictional couples should have ended up together, a surprising amount of people said Draco and Harry. Of course, they also said Draco and Hermione which is less believable in my humble opinion. Check out the comments section of the post here.

If you do love the idea of a Draco and Harry romance, there’s a book for you! Rainbow Rowell, who you probably know as the writer of the revival of Marvel Comics’ Runaways, wrote a book called Carry On that will give you exactly what you crave. Imagine if the Harry Potter series started with the sixth book, but Harry’s obsession with Draco turned out to more than suspecting him of sinister activity. Currently, Rowell is working on a sequel titled Wayward Son that’s expected to be released on September 24th. You can get a copy of Carry On here.


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You can watch Felton next in the comedy Whaling, and Grint in the new series Servant which features episodes directed by M. Night Shyamalan.