Tommy Wiseau's Shark Attack Movie 'Big Shark' Teaser Leaks

Tommy Wiseau is best known for writing, directing, and starring in The Room, a movie that became so infamous for being terrible, its "making of" story, The Disaster Artist, became an Academy Award-nominated film.

Ever since the "success" of the insane 2003 movie, fans have been wondering what kind of crazy shenanigans Wiseau would put on the big screen next and we finally have an answer… sharks!

If there's any genre ripe for being the perfect kind of bad, it's that of the killer shark. Based on the teaser trailer shared by Wiseau at the Prince Charles Theatre over the weekend, Big Shark is going to deliver exactly what you'd expect.

As you can see, the above trailer isn't the best quality. It was clearly filmed off the screen, but that somehow makes it an even more perfect first look.

The news initially broke on the German website, Film Futter, and thanks to a translation from Bloody Disgusting reader, Mathias Bohner, we have more insight into the next Wiseau movie.

"Wiseau's new movie as director and star will be Big Shark about a shark terrorizing New Orleans," Mathias explained. "It was announced with a teaser before the Q&A started."

According to Bloody Disgusting, Film Futter describes the movie as follows:

"The teaser starts off with Patrick, played by Tommy Wiseau, who introduces his friends Tim (Isaiah LaBorde) and Georgie (Greg Sestero) to two women at a restaurant. In the next scene one of the women calls Sestero's character a jerk and both slap him. His buddies laugh at him and he laughs it off. In the following scene they are walking back to their car when they see water at their feet running through the streets. After a cut they are already up to their hips in the water and in the background a large badly animated shark consumes its victim. After that the shark goes for the trio and they try to run away. The title card comes on, after which the shot of the CG shark swimming towards the camera and snapping is repeated multiple times."

That certainly sounds like a Wiseau movie! We're especially glad to know it will feature Sestero, Wiseau's long time friend and collaborator who is best known for playing Mark in The Room.

Bloody Disgusting adds, "According to the article, it was the first time the teaser has been publicly shown. Wiseau explained during the Q&A that the film is set in New Orleans and he was inspired by his time there to give something back to the city. So he decided to make Big Shark and set it there. Sestero added that the film is about three firefighters trying to save the world (presumably from a big shark). It also sounds like the film hasn't been shot yet and that was a promotional teaser, possibly to find financing and drum up early hype. It seems like everything is in place, though. The plan is to shoot the film this year and premiere it at the Prince Charles Cinema this September already."


Are you excited for Big Shark? Do you think it has the potential to be as "good" as The Room? Tell us in the comments!