New 'Toy Story 4' Footage Reveals What Happened to Bo Peep

CinemaCon is currently underway in Las Vegas and during their panel, Disney surprised fans by premiering the first 17 minutes from its eagerly-anticipated film, Toy Story 4. While the footage offered those in attendance an exciting glimpse of what to expected in the sequel to the beloved Toy Story 3, it also answers a major question many fans have had since that 2010 film -- what happened to Bo Peep.

As fans may recall, Bo Peep appears only in home videos Andy's mom recorded of Andy playing his toys in Toy Story 3. She's mentioned by Woody and Rex, with Woody specifically mentioning that the group has lost toys in the past thanks to yard sales and spring cleaning. Rex then mentions Bo, saddening Woody. Now, it appears that it's Bo Peep was, in fact, separated from the others in such a purge -- but ultimately chooses for herself to move on.'s Brandon Davis was on hand at CinemaCon and saw the footage, which you can read a summary of below. (Which, by the way, could be considered a spoiler just in case you don't really want to know.)

The film opens with a flashback of Woody and the toys leading a rescue mission on a rainy night to save RC Car from a flood. Woody jumps down on Slinky Dog to save RC with assists from other toys. Later, the toys are separated by the humans as a move is apparent with Bo Peep being put in a box to be given away. Woody sneaks out to try to rescue her, but she chooses not to be rescued. Instead, she accepts that she's not Andy's toy anymore and it's "time for the next kid". She encourages Woody to come with her, but he feels obligated to stay behind. Woody is brought back inside, and the opening credits play over a sunny day.

From there, the footage shows Andy playing with his toys in various places and then, later on, giving Woody to a little girl, Bonnie. Even later, the toys are in the closet, preparing for a big day with Bonnie, but Bonnie leaves Woody behind with other toys that haven't been picked for playtime in a while. When Bonnie can't bring a toy to kindergarten, Woody makes his way into her bag to help her have a good first day. He ultimately gathers Bonnie some art supplies, so she doesn't feel so sad, leading to the creation of the new character, Forky.

Thanks to a new trailer that was released last week, we know that Woody is on a quest to bring Forky back home to Bonnie after the makeshift toy is separated from her. It's an adventure that leads him to a dark and scary antique shop where he crosses paths with his long-lost love, Bo Peep. In that trailer, we also see that Buzz goes after Woody, as fans would expect, and he ends up on an adventure all his own at a carnival near the antique shop. Combining this new footage with the trailer, it makes it clear that Woody is very focused on his purpose as a toy while also setting up for some touching lessons about change, transitions, and growing up.

Toy Story 4 is set to hit theaters on June 21st.

What do you think about Bo Peep's fate as revealed in the new Toy Story 4 footage? Let us know in the comments below.



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