Wanted Director Teases a Unique Take on the Sequel

Ever since the movie adaptation of the Millarworld comic book Wanted hit screens, fans have been [...]

Ever since the movie adaptation of the Millarworld comic book Wanted hit screens, fans have been wondering about a potential sequel with James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie's deadly assassins returning for more mayhem. And while director Timur Bekmambetov took a completely different direction than the comic book for his film, he also has an idea to change the game once again for a potential Wanted 2. If it takes off, it will be unlike the first movie and could be more like the cult-classic superhero movie Chronicle.

During a conversation with Deadline where it was revealed Bekmambetov has signed a new deal with Universal Pictures, the director explained that he has an idea for a "screenlife" sequel of Wanted that will be like his successful Unfriended production.

"Maybe do the [Wanted] sequel in Screenlife," Bekmambetov explained. "I cannot imagine an assassin in today's world would run with a gun. Why? He will use drones, he will use computer technology, probably. You don't need to bend bullets anymore. You need to bend ideas."

The "screenlife" method, as Bekmambetov has utilized, takes advantage of the found footage format but also incorporates technology, more in line with modern day aesthetics.

"During this crazy time, we have been living in Screenlife mode, and it is very organic to produce movies because they can be done while people are home in their safe place," he said. "We are all in different cities, and we can record screens without meeting each other. It's the nature of this language, this Screenlife format, to work like this."

Bekmambetov went on to tout the virtues of this format of filmmaking, explaining how it is different compared to other found footage films.

"It is a very organic production process, and what we learned in the past few months is we are the only production technology allowing us to work during the restrictions," he said. "My actor is in London and I can record his screen from Los Angeles, and he can act and communicate with another actor who is in Sydney, in front of the screen. I am recording their conversation and it's the same as filming them. There is a story, a drama, love story and they can interact with each other and I record the interaction. It's not only about faces, in Skype and Windows, or a conference system, it's also the screen of the character. What I've learned is, it's most important to see your character's behavior. For example, you are typing something, like the opening shot of one movie where the guy is typing, searching Google for, 'How to commit suicide.' Through that one line, you know everything about him, because we never lie to our screens. We think the screens are part of our inner-hood. If you see my screen, you know exactly what I feel, what I do, what I'm dreaming about."

Would this format work for Wanted 2? That remains to be seen, but Bekmambetov at least has a strong vision for how it could come together.