Party On: 'Wayne's World' Funko Pops Have Arrived


If you thought that Funko would make Wayne's World Pop figures when monkeys started flying out of butts, then you were mistaken. Also, we don't know why you would think that, because Funko makes Pops of everything.

However, one could argue that Wayne's World Funko Pops were long overdue. Fortunately, the time has finally come. You will be able to pre-order the Wayne and Garth Pop figures right here at some point today, October 31st. UPDATE: They're live! They're the latest figures in a Saturday Night Live lineup that includes classic characters like Stefon, the "More Cowbell" guy, David S. Pumpkins, Spartan Cheerleaders and, of course, the "Dick in a Box" duo. You can order other Funko Pop figures in the SNL lineup right here.

Look for Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar Pop figures wearing hockey gear to hit Target as a 2-pack exclusive sometime in November.


On a related note, another Mike Myers character by the name of Austin Powers got Funko Pop figures last month. Indeed, the first wave of Austin Powers Pop figures has arrived, and you can pre-order them via the links below with shipping slated for November.

Austin Powers Pop Figure #643
Austin Powers Dr. Evil Pop Figure With Mr. Bigglesworth #644
Austin Powers Vanessa Kensington Pop Figure #645

As far as exclusives are concerned, look for an Austin Powers figure in a red suit to arrive at GameStop. If you're wondering where Mini-Me and other notable characters from the Austin Powers series are, keep in mind that Funko likes to separate popular characters from a license into different waves / exclusive releases. We hope that's the case here.


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