New Wonder Woman 1984 Promo Images Revealed

Wonder Woman 1984 is gearing up for a delayed release. Having already released trailers and [...]

Wonder Woman 1984 is gearing up for a delayed release. Having already released trailers and footage in line with the originally planned June release, new photos are starting to make their way online as Warner Bros. hopes to put the DC Comics movie in theaters later this year. As theaters around the United States remain closed, there is a bit of uncertainty in regards to whether or not the movie will make its current October date but fans are still getting excited when new pieces of content including their favorite warrior princess come about. Now, now promotional images with Gal Gadot in character as Wonder Woman have made their way online.

Warner Bros. announced in March that it has pushed back the release of Wonder Woman 1984 June until August as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. "In these dark and scary times, I am looking forward to a brighter future ahead," Gadot said on social media following the date change announcement. "Where we can share the power of cinema together again. Excited to redate our WW84 film to August 14, 2020. I hope everyone is safe. Sending my love to you all."

As the new release date gets closer, check out the new promotional images for Wonder Woman 1984 shared in the tweet below1

Gadot has previously opened up about Wonder Woman 1984 and how it fits into the DC movie world. "The first movie was a coming of age, it was Diana becoming Wonder Woman," Gadot says. "She was very naive and she didn't understand the complexities of life. A fish out of water. In this movie, that's not the case whatsoever. Diana has evolved. She's much more mature and very wise. However, she's very lonely. She lost all of her team members and she's guarded. And then something crazy happens."

On August 22, Warner Bros. will be hosting its DC FanDome event, a full day of virtual interactions and announcement in regards to the upcoming slate of films. Wonder Woman 1984 and its cast and crew will be on hand, likely offering an in-depth look at the upcoming film through cast questions and answers, along with showcasing new footage.

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently set for release on October 2.