Wonder Woman Fanart Imagines What Nubia Could Look Like in Live-Action

We're just a few days away from the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984, with the DC sequel set to debut both in select theaters and on HBO Max beginning on Christmas Day. Fans are incredibly excited to see what the sequel entails, and what new additions from the overall Wonder Woman lore it will bring to the big screen. While there are no confirmed plans to bring her in at the moment, there's definitely been a fan push to see Nubia, the sister of Diana Prince and the first Black woman to hold the Wonder Woman mantle in the comics. A series of posts from Instagram user @RenderGoddess recently went viral, imagining what Nubia would look like in live-action in a pretty breathtaking way.

In the comics, Nubia made her rebut in 1973's Wonder Woman #204, and was revealed to be formed out of clay at the same time Diana was. The only difference was that Nubia was kidnapped and raised away from Diana, and the pair didn't reunite until years later. While she's only made sporadic appearances in the canon, she's definitely grown into a fan-favorite in the past few decades.

Recently, Nubia made her debut in the popular MMORPG game DC Universe Online, and she is set to make an appearance in the upcoming Future State comics event as well, in a series of backup stories written by L.L. McKinney and illustrated by Alitha Martinez and Mark Morales. In 2021, she also is set to get a young adult graphic novel titled Nubia: Real One, written by McKinney with art from Robyn Smith.

"Oh my God. I've been wanting to get Nubia in the game for so long," DC Universe Online creative director SJ Mueller told ComicBook.com earlier this year. "Players have been requesting her forever, because she is such a wonderful take on Wonder Woman. She's from Earth-23, where a lot of the Justice League heroes and the Justice League are predominantly made of black characters. You've got Calvin Ellis, who is president and also Superman. And we've got Nubia, a Wonder Woman of Amazonia, is what they call it in Earth-23. It was so awesome to make her, actually, the leader of the council of Wonder Woman. She's like front and center and it was her idea that, "Hey, you know what this multiverse that's falling apart needs? It needs a team of Wonder Woman".

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