DC Reveals First Look At Nubia As Wonder Woman In Future State Event

Earlier today, writer L. L. McKinney and artist Alitha Martinez shared a first look at Nubia, the Black Amazon who will star in their DC Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman as part of DC's Future State event. The story, which spun out of the "5G/Generations" initiative planned and teased before Dan DiDio left the company, will center on a near-future timeline where many of DC's heroes have been replaced by legacy heroes. Bruce Wayne, after faking his death, has to take on the identity of the Dark Detective, as Batman is compromised, his identity having been revealed to the world.

For Wonder Woman? Well, Diana is gone, with Nubia stepping into the role. This gives DC fans a Black Wonder Woman at the head of its big, annual event.

"The DC Universe has always been fertile ground for new and refreshing takes on our characters, and DC Future State definitely contributes to this legacy," said DC Executive Editor Marie Javins when they announced the event. "When the event begins in January, some savvy readers will not only pick up on some of the breadcrumbs that have already been tossed out in our current titles, but they will also find new hints and clues of what's to come in 2021."

You can see the cover, and DC's official description text for the issue, below.

(Photo: DC)


"Immortal Wonder Woman" written by MICHAEL W. CONRAD and BECKY CLOONAN
"Immortal Wonder Woman" art by JEN BARTEL
"Nubia" written by L.L. McKINNEY
cover by JEN BARTEL
card stock variant cover by PEACH MOMOKO

The Undoing are coming. Long past the Age of Heroes, few of Diana Prince's friends survive, and most of her sisters have passed as well. As an immortal goddess, this is her lot. But then, a threat appears that even the mighty Darkseid can't handle—and it's up to Wonder Woman to take on the battle! It's big action and high fantasy at the end of time, courtesy of Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Becky Cloonan (By Chance or Providence, Gotham Academy), and her Doom Patrol co-writer Michael W. Conrad, with the popular artist Jen Bartel (Blackbird) making her interior art debut for DC. Then, peer into a closer future as the original champion of Themyscira strikes out on her own. Things have not been stable on Paradise Island for some time, and Nubia has found a new home in Man's World. Now, she is tasked with protecting it from the dangers of the world of myths and magic. The writer of DC's Nubia: Real One, L.L. McKinney, takes this powerful Amazon to a whole new level.

ON SALE 1/19/21
$5.99 US | 48 PAGES | 1 OF 2 | FC | DC


The accompanying text on Martinez's tweet says "One down, one to go," suggesting that whoever killed Diana is now going after her successor as Wonder Woman.

Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1 is due out January 19.