Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Wishes Gal Gadot a Happy Birthday

Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins have become a pretty unstoppable duo in the world of comic book movies, thanks to their beloved work on the Wonder Woman film franchise. Gadot, who portrays the Princess of Themyscira, was first directed by Jenkins in 2017's Wonder Woman, which is expected to get a follow-up later this year with Wonder Woman 1984. The two women have quite a partnership on and off the screen, something that was on display with a recent tweet from Jenkins. On Thursday, Jenkins took to Twitter to wish Gadot a happy 35th birthday, saying that "the world is a better place" with Gadot in it. She also thanked the actress for "making every day" they work or spend together "a pure joy".

Ever since Wonder Woman first debuted on the big screen, fans have been particularly fond of Jenkins and Gadot's take on the character. As Jenkins has spoken about in interviews, Wonder Woman's unique approach to heroine and optimism has resonated with her a lot over the years.

"That’s my favorite thing about her,” Jenkins explained in an interview last month. “Heroism involves keeping your love and compassion intact while you try to change the world. I love that about Wonder Woman and it was one of the things I felt the most passionate about being maintained, because it was something that I loved about her growing up. She was an inspiration and no part of her made me feel that I couldn’t also be a woman, and also be a mother, and also be a wife or a girlfriend or a partner. She’s a whole-bodied hero who stands for goodness, but also love and compassion and kindness. That’s where it was the most challenging—the world not thinking a female superhero could be powerful.”

“There’s been such fear that a female character…couldn’t be vulnerable and they couldn’t be funny and they couldn’t have love," Jenkins added. "There’s this list of things they can’t have, to prove [that they’re strong]. I’m like, Well, that’s not a main character. You have to be able to have all these things. You can’t be afraid.”

Wonder Woman 1984 is tentatively scheduled for August 14th.

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