Arrow Recap with Spoilers: Restoration

The episode starts on the docks, and John in his new(ish) costume is chasing after a couple of armed thugs. One of them gets the drop on him, stares at him, and doesn't shoot. Green Arrow comes riding in on a motorcycle, but they both seem to lose their targets. Felicity remote-hacks a piece of construction equipment and drops some large lumber on him. He tries to kill himself with a cyanide capsule and Dig stops him. He shocks Dig and escapes.

Nanda Parbat: Merlyn-Ra's and Nyssa are sparring. "I'm not sparring," she says, "That's what makes it so much fun," he retorts. The pair fight to a standstill, though it's Merlyn who is victorious. Thea and Laurel come in, and Laurel tells Merlyn she wants him to bring her sister back to life. "Thea wasn't dead, Sara is. What you're asking for hasn't been done since ages past, and even then only in legend. Even if it worked, who - what came out of the pit would not be Sara." Laurel looks pissed.

Back at the Arrow-Cave, they're checking out the tooth with the poison to see if they can test it and use it as a clue. Ollie and Felicity invite Dig out, but he's not quite ready to hang out with Oliver just yet. "I'm done waiting for him to come around," Ollie tells Felicity.

Flashback: Oliver and one of the fieldhands have an unhappy conversation. A runner goes, and Ollie runs after him and tackles him, trying to prevent him from being killed. Another guard knocks him out anyway.

Dig gets home and his door is open. A man is standing in there, and ARGUS agent. "Lyla sent me," he says. He gives Dig a packet with ID on the woman who hired Floyd Lawton to kill his brother, Mina Fayad, and she's just flown in from Markovia.

Cut to her, talking to Damien Dahrk about "taking steps" to take out the vigilantes in Star city. Fayad has an associate with tattoos of cards all over his arms. He flings three of them at the Ghost that got away earlier, at Dahrk's orders. They're razor sharp - a metahuman.

Nanda Parbat: Laurel and Nyssa are talking over the coffin of Sara. Nyssa tells Laurel basically that it's not worth it to bring her back and have her be crazy, but Laurel is fine with the possibility if it brings her back at all.

Arrow-Cave: The DNA on the tooth has "half the genetic markers it should - he should be a pile of goo," Felicity tells Oliver. An alert sends him out into the field.

Diggle meanwhile is tracking/stalking Fayad. Felicity calls him and he doesn't answer.

Flashback: The other guard tells Oliver he needs to not show the restraint he's been showing, "violence is the only thing they respond to." They're making a cacao/poppy hybrid drug called Slam.

Present: Green Arrow finds two dead bodies, and the Tattoo Card man is there. He says he's there from Fayad. He peels off a card and throws it. Ollie deflects it with an arrow - it re-grows on his arm the second he pulled it off.

Outside, Dig gets assaulted by a guard. He takes him out, but they have the upper hand.

Ollie and Tattoo guy keep fighting. When Ollie closes the distance and goes hand-to-hand he starts winning, but the cards start flying again.

Dig's firefight ends with Fayad and her guards driving away.

Ollie busts out of the warehouse, with one of the cards jammed in his arm. Ouch.

Nanda Parbat: Merlyn and Thea have a heart-to-heart. He tries to convince her that Sara wouldn't be helped by the Pit, not really. "The Pit contains traces of the souls of all the men and women that have bathed in it. If you give into the impulse, it subsides for a time." She's not all about going on a killing spree to "feed the Pit" though. A man, a "Sage" in the mountains may be able to help her. Wait, a Sage in Nanda Parbat? That sounds like Vic Sage, the Question! Woah!

Arrow-Cave: "Double Down" is the meta, who was getting a tattoo when the dark matter wave hit. Felicity gives Ollie and John a bigtime dressing-down saying they need to sit there until they resolve their issues. They sit and talk a bit, and John basically says not only does he not trust Oliver anymore, he doesn't think he could take a bullet for him anymore, meaning when they're out there together, they're not really together. Oliver tells John Fayad hired Double Down, and they leave together.

Flashback: Hick Guard starts shooting people to find out who stole the Slam. Oliver says he'll torture them instead. Yipe.

Palmer Tech: It's our first shot of a T-Sphere! "An autonomous communications device, which is great except that it spontaneously explodes," Holt tells her. Woah! She gives him the Double Down card to see if it's been made by some kind of bio-organic material. He's suspicious, but doing it anyway.

Dig's Apartment: Dig and Ollie talk, and Dig finally fills him in on HIVE and his brother's death. He shows him the evidence he's collected since then, and Fayad's picture. "Her name is Mina Fayad."

HIVE: Dahrk is not happy with Double Down. HIVE is anxious to go to phase 3 of "Genesis," whatever that is. He tells Double Down to try to kill him. He stops the card telekinetically. He uses the card, then, to kill Fayad. He then pulls it back out with TK and throws it at Double Down, cutting his cheek. "Just in case you had any doubt how I process disappointment."

Nanda Parbat: Two League of Assassins members attack Thea in her sleep. She easily defeats - and kills - both of them. Merlyn comes in and tells her "there is no Sage, no cure." But now she won't feel the hunger to kill again for weeks.

Arrow-Cave: Felicity is trying to find Fayad, and can't on any cameras, but finds her cellphone at "Redmond and 8th."

Flashback: Oliver is torturing one of the farmers. The woman he talked to earlier said she took the drugs, that they've been working too hard and some of them are hurt, and they needed the pain killer. Ollie offers to take her elsewhere and kill her where no one will ever find the body, but gets sent with another guard.

Nanda Parbat: Thea wants to get out and go home at all costs. Merlyn stays calm trying to tell her everything he does is for her. He decides he'll restore Sara's life so that Thea's conscience - and blood lust - is cleared.

Team Arrow (OG edition) goes to a warehouse, and see Fayad tied to a chair - oh, she's dead, too. "My first chance for answers - my last chance," Dig says. Ollie tells him they'll get answers - together. The bromance is back.

Palmer Tech: Holt and Felicity have a chat about the playing card. Holt is figuring out a way to track the owner of the card, and... Double Down shows up, and starts throwing cards, asking for the Green Arrow. She tells Holt that she works with the Green Arrow and this guy is trying to kill them. She takes him down to the Arrow Cave. Felicity blindly fires at Double Down with a fully automatic weapon, Holt gets hit with a falling light from the ceiling, and somehow, Felicity eventually hits Double Down.

Ollie and Dig get back - Double Down is gone, Holt is at the hospital. She's able to use his tracing program to find Double Down though.

Nanda Parbat: Sara is being lowered into the Lazarus Pit. Nyssa isn't happy, but is held back. The pit starts to bubble and, as we've seen in the teasers for Legends of Tomorrow, after a longer time, Sara emerges. it's not a violent burst out, though, it's a slow rise. She then leaps out and looks feral, like she's going to attack anyone and anything. Merlyn doses her to sedate her. Everyone is freaked out.

Star City: Green Arrow and Dig cut off Double Down's escape route. He gets out of the car and the fight begins. Diggle fires a special rope-bullet out of his fancy gun. Double Down manages to throw three cards at him, and Oliver dives in front of him to take them - he's not really hurt, because kevlar, but it goes a long way to earning Dig's trust back.

At a restaurant, O.T.A. "Original Team Arrow" is sitting have a drink. They need to think about "Lair 3.0" since Dahrk might know about 2.0 now. Oliver says he's been working on something, "a surprise."

Flashback: Oliver and the girl are walking. The other guard chases after them, and steps on a land mine, and explodes. He tells her she needs to trust him for them both to stay alive.

Palmer Tech: Holt is cleaning up his lab. "You seem pretty calm for a guy who nearly got killed by a metahuman," Felicity says to him. He's "excited" that he's working for someone who is helping make the world a better place. Her phone, which has acted up every time she's been in Holt's lab, acts up again - and then says her name. The T-Sphere is totally communicating with her.


Nanda Parbat - Sara is all chained up and not well. Totally unresponsive to Laurel. Back at the Lazarus Pit, Nyssa has destroyed it using a method her father created. "One day I will have my moment and I will kill you," she tells Merlyn. "And it will last." She also threatens Laurel saying what's happened to Sara now is on her hands.

And that's all for this week - next week: Daddy Lance goes to Damien Dahrk for help with Sara, and everyone sees him talking to the big bad. Uh oh. What'd you think of this week's episode? Rate it in the box above with a single click!