Benedict Cumberbatch on Star Wars Rumors: "No Offer Has Been Made"

Benedict Cumberbatch Star Wars

When Benedict Cumberbatch's representatives denied his involvement in Star Wars Episode VII, it was via a very carefully-worded statement that said, basically, no deal was in place. That left many fans wondering whether, perhaps, there were ongoing conversations and that the rumors had some credibility in spite of the denials.

Well, throw a little more fuel on that fire...

"This is the simple truth. J.J. [Abrams] and I have worked together before," Cumberbatch told Access Hollywood at the Toronto International Film Festival. "I would love to work with him again. No offer has been made. That is that. And that is that."

Which, of course, can be read a couple of ways. It is, strictly speaking, a denial of reports that he's basically already set for the gig...but it's also not "we aren't in talks" or "I haven't been approached" or "this simply isn't true." It's "No offer has been made," which sounds suspicious to anyone with a working knowledge of how Hollywood negotiations work.


Rumors began circulating on Sunday that the actor would appear in Star Wars Episode VII, and while members of the trade press were quick to say they weren't convinced, a second report came out claiming that the Star Trek Into Darkness villain could in fact be a Sith Lord who appeared in all three films, akin to Darth Vader in the original trilogy. It wasn't until after that report started to get some traction online that Cumberbatch's reps spoke out to say no such deal existed.

"There is no truth to the rumor Benedict has been cast in Star Wars," said last week's statement. "I think the rumors are circling because J.J. and Benedict have just recently had a wonderful time working together on Star Trek.”