Breaking Bad Finale: Marty Robbins’ Song El Paso Reveals Secret Behind Felina Title

Breaking Bad Finale Felina Marty Robbins El Paso

When the Breaking Bad Finale title was revealed as "Felina," there were a lot of theories about what it could mean. The simplest explanation was that it was an anagram for finale. Another more complex explanation tied the letters Fe to Iron, Li to Lithium, and Na to Sodium to arrive at the message Blood, Meth, and Tears. Iron being the dominant chemical in blood, lithium being the most commonly used metal in the manufacture of meth, and sodium being a major element in tears. However, the true meaning of the Felina title appears to have been the Marty Robbins' song El Paso. When Walter White is rummaging through the glove compartment of a stolen car, a Marty Robbins' cassette tape falls out. When he finds the keys and drives off in the car, the song El Paso starts playing. The lyrics of El Paso are about a gunfighter who falls in love with a Mexican girl named Felina. Near the end of the song, the gunfighter gets in shootout, where he gets struck in the side by a bullet. At the end of the song, the gunfighter lays dying, while Felina kneels by his side. If you listen to the full song below, then you will notice that several lines of the song could be interpreted as laying out what happens in the Breaking Bad finale.