Captain America: The Winter Soldier's Pop Culture Lists From Around the World


Back when we first reported on Steve Rogers's "pop culture catch-up list," one of our commenters noted that the items on that list were different in the French version of the film than they were in the image we shared that day.

Turns out, there were a number of different versions of the list and while some items remained fairly stable (Star Wars and Trek, for instance -- and of course the Marvin Gaye item he pulls the list out to add, since it's referenced in dialogue), others...not so much.

Australia got AC/DC, Steve Irwin, Tim Tams and Skippy the Bush Kangaroo -- a most Americans have never heard of -- while South Korea got soccer player Ji-Sung Park, Oldboy and Dance Dance Revolution which, I think we can all agree, there needs to be a deleted scene of Captain America and Falcon playing.

We've compiled a bunch of the lists from around the world to give you a sense for what, per Joe and Anthony Russo and Marvel Studios, are some of the most important pop culture touchstones from around the world. We're going with screen grabs from what are probably either promotional clips (remember that in much of the world, the first 20 minutes was available free and legal prior to the release of the filim) or from fans taking photos in the theaters. So...quality will vary, but it's cool to see the little differences.

Feel free to add list items or images if we haven't come across your local version yet. This is relying on images sent in to us from readers or spotted on message boards, so it's far from encyclopedic. We've reached out to Marvel to see if there's an official list of lists, but they haven't yet responded.