Chris Hemsworth Thinks Thor Would Beat Hulk In A Fight In Ragnarok Film


Thor and Hulk may have only been scratching the surface with their destructive scuffles in 2012's The Avengers.

The green rage monster and Norse God of Thunder exchanged a few blows and while Thor may have won their actual fight in the Helicarrier with a knockout swing of his Hammer, it was Hulk who had the last hit after the duo took down a Leviathan.

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The two may have another shot at settling the score come Thor: Ragnarok, where it's been announced that the Hulk will be joining Thor for an other-worldly adventure.

Chris Hemsworth was recently asked who would win if the two were to come to blows again in Asgard and the Odinson bet on himself.
"I'd like to think I let him win last time, but because this movie is called 'Thor,' I have to win this time," Hemsworth told the Daily News.

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"I hope it's a Butch Cassidy sort of story," Hemsworth said of his third Thor film. "That would be fun. I love Mark [Ruffalo]. I think those two characters haven't spent a whole lot of time talking to each other on screen, so it's something new, I think it would bring something different out of the characters."


"It's hard to have a conversation with the Hulk," he concluded.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters July 28, 2017.