Daredevil Casting: Rosario Dawson To Play Night Nurse; Ben Urich And The Owl Confirmed And Casted

Marvel brought a ton of casting news to their Daredevil panel at New York Comic Con today.

The biggest announcement, among many, was actress Rosario Dawson's role as The Night Nurse.The Night Nurse is Marvel Comics character who treats wounded vigilantes and superheroes who can't access a hospital or don't have medical resources of their own. Indeed, descriptions of Daredevil footage shown at the panel include a scene with Night Nurse tending to Matt Murdock's wounds. 

The panel also confirmed that Vondie Curtis-Hall will play Ben Urich, the Daily Bugle's top investigative reporter and a longtime ally to Daredevil.    

The panel also brought casting news for Matt Murdock's adversaries. Bob Gunton will play The Owl, a freakish criminal mob boss who, well, looks like an owl, Tony Leonard Moore will play Wesley, the Kingpin's right-hand man, and Ayelet Zurer will play Vanssa Fisk, the Kingpin's love interest and eventual wife.

Stay tuned for more Daredevil updates at New York Comic Con.