Dark Knight Rises Review: Morgan Freeman, “One Of The Most Fantastic Movies I Ever Saw”

Morgan Freeman on Tonight Show

With official Dark Knight Rises reviews from the press embargoed until next week, the only feedback that is coming out about the Dark Knight Rises right now is from celebrities and talk show hosts. Now, first we should mention that Morgan Freeman actually plays Lucius Fox in The Dark Knight Rises, so his opinion might be just a little bit biased.

But still we’re talking about an Academy Award winning actor, and he’s not going to put his reputation on the line with high praise for just any movie. Here’s what Morgan Freeman has to say about The Dark Knight Rises when he appeared on the Tonight Show on Wednesday night. Freeman said, “This one, we thought we’ve been talking about this and saying, ‘he couldn’t possible, talking about Chris Nolan, he couldn’t possible top himself after Dark Knight.’ He did it. Yeah, this one was one of the most fantastic movies I ever saw.”

Morgan Freeman also revealed that Christopher Nolan gave everyone a little gift at the end of production of The Dark Knight Rises. What do you think Morgan Freeman’s gift was? It was a stuffed bat in a glass box. Jay Leno also showed a brief clip with Lucious Fox showing off some new toys to Bruce Wayne. The Dark Knight Rises open in theaters on July 20, 2012.