Dark Knight Rises Star Bale Won't Be in Justice League

There's been some speculation on the Internet that Christian Bale--the star of Christopher Nolan's just-concluded Batman trilogy, will star in Justice League, for which Warner Brothers recently commissioned a script.

Sorry, folks, that's not gonna happen.

“They’re going to rejuvinate [the Batman franchise] soon, and I’ll have to be watching someone else play it," Christian Bale said in this week's Entertainment Weekly. "I’ll be fascinated to see which way they go, which choices that actor takes.”

While the star had said in previous interviews that he might be persuaded to come back to the role if Christopher Nolan came to him with an idea for a sequel, Nolan has reiterated on more than one occasion that he has no plans to do so.

“I loved doing these movies, but you can’t be creatively greedy about it,” Nolan said in the same Entertainment Weekly interview. "It's time to move on."