David Letterman Talks About Gay Green Lantern

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Last week the Late Show with David Letterman was airing reruns, but this week, David Letterman didn't waste any time before addressing the latest superhero news. In his opening monologue, Letterman said, "Ladies and gentleman, do you know DC Comics? Do you know what I say when I say DC Comics?" After applause from the audience, Letterman said, "It turns out that the Green Lantern is gay." After a pause, Letterman continued, "Yes, not only that, he was briefly married to Carrie Fisher." After more applause, Letterman added, "And the Green Lantern's superpower is accessorizing. I didn't know that. I mean it's funny that the Green Lantern is the character that's gay, and yet Spider-Man has the broadway musical. Talk about irony for god's sakes."