Does WWE Superstar The Miz Want To Be Deadpool or Green Lantern?


Just in time for the Academy Awards and WWE Fastlane, we came across an interview that WWE superstar The Miz gave where he declares that he thinks he’s the best actor to come from the squared circle. Not only does he think he’s the best, but that a personal goal of his is winning an Oscar for Best Actor In A Lead Role. When asked if he thought he was better than other wrestlers who have made the jump (see, Dwayne Johnson, and Dave Bautista), Miz quickly (and candidly) responded with “absolutely.”

“There is no WWE Superstar who has ever been a better actor than me,” he continued. “Do I respect all the wrestlers who have been performing? Absolutely. The Rock has done wonders with generating fans and saying we can do what we do better than anybody. But do I believe I’m better? Absolutely.”

For those who aren’t keeping up with their WWE storylines, the former reality TV star currently portrays a character who is an actor, that wrestles on the side. The Miz even had his own stunt double that accompanied him to the ring. Sadly, his stunt double, Mizdow recently got demoted to personal assistant.

Now, there is a good chance that The Miz is doing this interview "in character," but what really caught our eye is his answer to “What is your dream role?”

“Ryan Reynolds has it. You guess which it is.”


After taking a look at Reynold’s IMDB page, and knowing that The Miz himself is a big comics fan, there’s almost no question that The Miz is talking about Deadpool. There’s also a chance that The Miz could also be talking about Reynold’s past role as Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern.

What do you think? Would The Miz make a great Deadpool or Green Lantern? Let us know in the comments below.

(via TMZ Sports)