Fantastic Four Reboot - Alba, Chiklis Out?


According to IESB, in an attempt to make the Fantastic Four movie franchise have a much darker tone, 20th Century Fox may not ask stars Jessica Alba and Michael Chiklis to reprise their roles of the Invisible Woman and the Thing. In fact, 20th Century Fox may plan on scraping the entire cast. Despite the success of the prior Fantastic Four films, sources report that 20th Century Fox is considering a reboot of the franchise. With the recent success of darker comic book movies such as The Dark Knight and Iron Man, 20th Century Fox believes that a new direction is needed for several of its film franchises. Along with Fantastic Four, Fox is planning a retool of the Planet of the Apes series and a darker re-launch of Daredevil. Fantastic Four director Tim Story may also be asked to step aside in order to give the next Fantastic Four movie a fresh start.