Finding Dory After The Credits Scene Revealed


During Marvel movies, most audiences know to stay in their seats when the credits start rolling if they want to see a little something extra. However, with movies outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after the credits scene are relatively uncommon, so it should come as no surprise that many moviegoers are missing a delightful after the credits scene in Finding Dory.

Spoiler Warning: If you're one of the many that left Finding Dory before the credits stopped rolling or just want to know, then keep reading, as we're going to provide a detailed description of Finding Dory's post credits scene.

If you've already seen Finding Dory, then you know the majority of the film takes place at the Monterrey Marine Life Institute in Morro Bay, Califorina, which is the location that Dory, Nemo, and Marlin travel to in a search to find Dory's parents.

After the Finding Dory credits, the scene switches to sea lions Fluke and Rudder on their rock outside of the Monterrey Marine Life Institute. Another sea lion named Gerald is trying to get on the rock, which is a constant theme throughout the film.

After Fluke and Rudder chase Gerald off, a group of fish in plastic bags comes floating by. But it's not just any random fish in those bags, it's the Tank Gang of Gill, Jacques, Gurgle, Peach, Deb, Bubbles and Bloat from Finding Nemo. If you recall, Finding Nemo ended with the Tank Gang escaping from P. Sherman's dentist office, but they were still trapped inside plastic bags. Once they reached the ocean at the end of Finding Nemo, Bloat even remarked, "Now what?"


In the time since Finding Nemo, the Tank Gang was evidently unable to free themselves from those plastic bags, which are now covered in algae from their travel across the ocean. In Finding Dory, the Tank Gang is encouraging Peach along, before finally congratulating themselves that they've made it.


The scene ends with Marine Life employees scooping up the Tank Gang. One of the Marine Life employees remarks, "No respect for ocean life." Then, Bloat remarks, "Now what?"

While the post credits scene ends on that note, it's likely the Tank Gang will be taken inside the Monterrey Marine Life Instititute and released from their bags into another tank.